Reasons why you need a website presence

An increasing number of people are now accessing products and services online during the lockdown.This is why you need a website.

I think it’s fair to say that we are living in unprecedented times of change. With the rapid development of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting a huge number of the world’s population, societies around the globe have had their way of life interrupted and in some cases ground to an unexpected halt.

Governments worldwide have reacted in the best interest of their citizens and have ordered work to stop, businesses to close and requested that people to stay at home in order to remain healthy and protect the wider community from the expansion of this severe illness.

Given the severe and rapid infection rate of the disease, scientists in all affected communities are working around the clock to make breakthroughs in research and find solutions to these issues to allow us to resume our normal way of life as soon as possible.

Whilst the scientific community are making strides in research every day, and creating new vaccines to tackle this issue, there are still no viable estimations on just how long the restrictions to movement and government-imposed isolation will continue.

The restrictions to movement have numerous consequences for all aspects of our daily life. One of the most crucial areas to protect in these times, is business. The workforce is in lockdown, customers are forced to stay in their homes, face to face meetings are now impossible; greeting customers personally, and all other necessary interactions in business are now seemingly impossible, causing global concern and stifling the growth of business everywhere.

Luckily, we live in the golden age of technology and the internet has been vital in keeping the world connected in isolation. It is the perfect way to keep the public informed and updated as details of the pandemic unfold whilst keeping in line with all necessary movement restrictions.

Your business could also benefit from this crucial method of interaction with the wider population. Having an online presence is vital to conducting business in the modern age, but now it is simply imperative to surviving such restrictive measures. Make sure your website is fast, secure and always up with HostFaddy.

Here are 5 reasons why a website presence is fundamental to surviving this lockdown:

1. Location, location, location

The internet has become the only viable place in which people can interact, and this will be the norm for an undetermined amount of time. A digital presence is now not only a supportive element to businesses but the only available avenue for it for the foreseeable future. Having a well-designed and maintained website presence allows your clients to continue interacting with your business. It will be the first port of call for all enquiries regarding how the business is planning to proceed in the current climate and will let enable you to make known that you are still operating and able to work for your clients.

2. Vital Updates

Having a web presence allows you to stay in touch with your customer base and provide them valuable updates about the business and any current work which may have been interrupted or require rearrangement due to the restrictions in place. It is vital to have open channels of communication to keep customers informed of any changes they may need to know about – a regularly maintained updates area can act as a Q&A for your business saving a lot of worried phone calls from customers concerned how the restrictions will affect their service. We are learning new information every day, if this affects your business letting the customers know in a timey manner is effective and vital to keep things moving.

3. Opportunity to Grow

Having a dedicated online presence informs your customers of your services and lets them know where they can contact you, is important to keep your business up and running. If you adapt your business to accommodate the new restrictions in place, you could even grow your business through providing services and advice to people which they can take use of during the restrictions, for example; opening an online store, creating an ordering system or providing a live chat tool.

4. Always open for business 24/7/365

During these trying times you find yourself unable to greet your customers or clients, meaning the ability to sell your business to them is severely limited – a well-designed website can do that for you, providing all the information your clients need to get the best service from your business. You can add detailed information which gives your clients the ability to choose the best service from your business from an informed point of view. Websites are also an excellent tool for upselling additional services your customers may benefit from but not have previously considered.

5. Future proof your business.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic affected our daily lives, more and more business is being transacted online. A website presence can connect businesses and clients globally, removing issues such as time differences and conflicting business hours. You could be missing out on unknown numbers of potential customers without an online presence – With such a large portion of the earth’s population currently in Lockdown, can you really afford allow the movement restriction to affect your business? Reaching out to customers online is an untapped source of potential leads and has such ability to develop your brand for the modern age keeping your business relevant to your customers.

A website presence allows your business to adapt to the challenges the current climate is imposing on society and enables you to promote and provide services to your customers despite the restrictions. This vital continuity allows your business to stay visible and in the minds of potential clients who may desire your services, providing an indispensable way to progress with your business when you are banned from seeing your customers. Get the best website hosting plan for your business.

Whist there is undeniably an atmosphere of concern and uncertainty around the world right now, humans have survived and overcome obstacles such as the recent pandemic, throughout our history. We have always had an uncanny ability to adapt and persevere through such emergencies, only this time technology has provided us with a lifeline, the ability to carry on interacting with each other.

You’ll be able to keep interacting with your customer base, reach a wider audience and most importantly enable you to keep your brand relevant and known within your sector. The internet will prove crucial to the way people communicate in the coming months until normality is restored, your business should be a part of this.


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